Custom Branded Cookies

We offer a wide selection of cookies from small orders to very large orders. Cookies are available in-store on an "as available" basis or may be pre-ordered by the dozen. We offer a range of cookie decoration styles, shapes, and flavors. Please check out our hand piped cookies and custom branded cookies below.


Custom Branded Cookies Photos

Below is a selection of photographs of our most recent custom branded cookies.

Custom Branded cookies ordering guide

Minimum OrdeR

We require a minimum order of 12 cookies for our fully custom branded cookies.

Lead Time

When ordering our custom cookies, you should allow for 1-week lead time. This means if you need an order on a Saturday, please order on or before the previous Saturday.


Please review our flavors and options below so you can provide us with details of what is required for your order.

Pickup & Delivery

Our custom branded cookies can be delivered directly to your Memphis area door via one of our branded vehicles or Blue Sky Couriers. Ask us about nationwide shipping options.

Custom Branded Cookies FAQ

We have collected together some of the most common questions people ask us about branded cookies.

How do make your cookies?

Our cookies are hand rolled and baked to order. We have two styles: our affordable line is our glazed icing and we sell daily in our case a variety of flavors. Our custom line uses a soft cotoure icing requiring several days to process drying.

What size cookies do you sell?

We offer 3 sizes of cookie:

  • Dainty (small)
  • Delight (medium)
  • Delish (large)

Delish is the size we sell in-store. All other sizes are pre order.

How much do custom cookies cost?

The most popular option is our Delight, which is $3 each and comes with the cookie, packaging, and a sticker on the outside of the packaging. The sticker can have a logo, birthday message, photo, or a combination. We design and print the stickers in house, unless you want to provide your own stickers. Our hand piped cookies begin at $5 each and are the delish size only. They require a different type of decoration that has a drying process.

What Cookie flavors do you offer?

Original (with a hint of almond), Sugar, Lemon, Triple Chocolate, Seasonal, Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin.

How do you personalize your cookies?

We try to work with your logo and design or theme when we can. We personlize through hand piped designs as well as printing stickers in house that go on the outside of the package. Finally, we do work with edible images and pipe specific details onto cookies.

is there an order minimum?

Custom cookie orders require a minimum of 12 cookies per order. 

Do you offer shipping?

We offer nationwide shipping or delivery locally, starting at $15.

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