Sweet LaLa's Bakery was created out of a desire to connect food to the possibility of second chances and create a story of change for people finding themselves in difficult life circumstances.  We built a space in the heart of Memphis, TN to not just talk about our community needs but to actively respond to them, one person at a time.

Give Back & Make Life Sweeter

Sweet LaLa's Bakery opened with purpose in mind as a cookie business. In 2014, our purpose was to employ youth at risk and tell a story of change and second chances. We baked out of the juvenile detention facility and offered employment opportunities to over 125 youth.  When we opened our brick and mortar store in 2019, we began to work with more social enterprises and local entrepreneurs to help tell their stories of growth and community support. We source the products from our social entrepreneurs specifically to create a direct impact on their ability to employ the hard to employ.  The sales from their products fund the programs they have created. We bring them along in our pitches for gift baskets and help spread the word about the good work they are doing to help people and grow their bottom line for program dollars. As a result of the community programs they have created, many are attaining independence from drug addiction, trauma, homelessness, and more.  We also believe in helping food entrepreneurs grow their business so we carry a line of 901 products on our shelves.  We believe when we work together, we rise together. 

SLB Timeline

August 2001

Opened baking out of the home

Lauren Young, aka “Sweet LaLa” began working with the Original recipe out of her home kitchen and created additional flavors for friends and family as a small home business.

December 2014

Partnered with JIFF

A formal partnership with JIFF (Juvenile Intervention and Faith Based Follow Up) was created to bake with purpose. Sweet LaLa offered paid job opportunities for kids graduating from the reentry program. Over 125 youth came through the kitchen doors in an effort to help tell the story of second chances and change.

March 2019

Opened store in Regalia

Building on Sweet LaLa’s passion for baking and for community change, the doors opened to showcase not just the cookies she created, but the work of local and social entrepreneurs who have a deep commitment to delicious food and products of purpose.

Built Partnerships

Secured partnerships with over 5 social enterprises who make products with purpose in mind to grow income, job training and awareness for the nonprofit each enterprise represented. Additionally, we forged partnerships with over 10 local entrepreneurs who are growing small businesses because of our philosophy of working together allows us to rise together.

August 2020

Fundraiser Program

We created a fundraiser program to raise awareness and money for local non profits. Those who have participated include STREETS Ministries, M.O.S.T, Woodland Presbyterian Day School, St. George’s Independent School, and Baptist Center for Good Grief.

March 2020 - Today

Adapting to the Pandemic

During the pandemic we retained all of our employees who wanted to remain working, with the expectation to offer a sense of security for their next year. We adapted our operations to carry-out and expanded our offerings in bulk as well as offering an increased shipping program, to do our part in keeping our employees and customer safe. We continue to build creativity in our offerings so we can stand out as one of the best bakeries in Memphis.

Fall 2022 - Today

Savory Moments

We launched a newsletter and our Savory Moments by Lauren posts to give insights to why we believe in Making Life Sweeter.

Read more here: https://sweetlalas.com/blog/

Present Day

Looking ahead

We are excited to be back to more normal activities and we have created a lot of experiences for you to enjoy with us.  We host birthday parties, after hour events and have expanded our catering options.  We want to be a part of the moments that matter in your world and we are proud to have so much to offer!

Make Life Sweeter!

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